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The May 1988 Economic Statement and associated reforms announced by Communications and Transport Minister Senator Gareth Evans commenced the process of liberalisation and structural reform of the telecommunications regime in Australia.




On 25 May 1988 Treasurer Paul Keating delivered a major Economic Statement. Later in the day Senator Evans issued a Ministerial Statement on telecommunications regulation and another on governance of GBEs.

Papers on the Telecommunications decision

Cabinet decision and submission [PDF 14M]
'Australian telecommunications services: a new framework' (Evans May 1988 Statement) [PDF]
Evans parliamentary speech on tabling the statement [PDF]

Papers on GBE reform

Cabinet submission on Qantas [PDF]
Cabinet submission on Telecom [PDF]
'Reshaping the transport and communications government business enterprises' Ministerial statement (Link to Trove)
Evans parliamentary speech on tabling the GBE statement [PDF]





xxxx [PDF]





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